Wednesday, January 15, 2014

☞ REVIVE: What's Up with 288 St. Nicholas?

All of the storefronts of Number 288 St. Nicholas Avenue have been vacated in the past month and a Bespoke reader had the following question about the old grand building:

" Is the red Brick Queen Anne style building at the corner of West 125th and St. Nicholas Avenue planned to be demolished? That building is absolutely breathtaking and I have been faithfully waiting for it to be renovated-- the brickwork is so handsome and the cornice is miraculously still intact. It is essentially Harlem's version of the Windermere building at West 57th and 9th Avenue-- at least that's how I see it. 

 I don't know how old the building is- but, I'm sure that its dates to the 1800's.I've heard from neighbors that demolition is planned to build a 3 story CVS. Is it all true? Please let me know. It would be such a shame! Manhattan, now the land of Banks and Drug stores. Below, The Windermere now being converted into a Hotel. "

From what we can see on the DOB site, permits have been filed for a full demolition of the building that was probably constructed in the late 1800s based on the design. This location is right by the express train entrance and would be great for a better business like Trader Joe's to arrive but it seems that is not the plan.  Should more of 125th Street's old structure be preserved at this point?


  1. This is a bummer. In spite of the lame stores that have occupied this building, the edifice itself is classic. It will unfortunately be replaced with something hideous.

  2. It's crazy. I'm shocked. That building is beautiful and should be saved. How could Community Board 10 allow this? The building anchors that corner, it will look Bizarre without it.

  3. Go to the Community Board 10 Land Use Meeting Tonight.

  4. Isn't this community board 9? There landmark committee needs help. If there people on these blogs who "love" the architectural beauty of this area, then please act on your "passion" and join the community board and make a difference in saving Harlem. Action speaks louder than words, and it does not mean opining on blogs or amongst yourselves in google groups! Why couldn't this structure be restored with improved commercial businesses ground level and new structure built above on existing.

  5. Its so sad that Harlem and 125th Street is turning to Disney Land the culture , art , music , all gone . Just what 125th street needs is another drug store or clothing store who ever is on community board 9 & 10 are walking around with eyes wide shut !!!!!!