Thursday, January 23, 2014

☞ SHOP: Covo Trattoria Arriving at 151st Street

Covo Trattoria has been serving up solid Italian fare within a rustic former train station in Manhattanville by 137th Street and now it appears that the owners are branching out to upper Hamilton Heights.  A press release received yesterday confirms that the founders of Covo will debut another restaurant at 3660 Broadway by West 151st Street this coming spring.  A lease has been signed now and folks should expect this area of Hamilton Heights to even get more interesting in 2014 since better restaurants such as Harlem Public, The Chipped Cup, The Grange, along with Il Caffe Latte 145th Street have all set up shop in the past couple of years.  Read more about Covo Trattoria in our past post: LINK


  1. Good news. Covo is dependable and reasonably priced. The location was always a plus (great in summer) and a minus (a hike to get to). Will be curious to see what the new place is like.

  2. I will be furious if this means the end of Taqueria San Pedro (3662 Broadway)! They have some of the best tacos in NYC!

  3. I agree. Covo is consistent and I think it's a great move on their part. Any entrepreneur living uptown should really consider riding the wave built by places like Chipped and Public. That immediate area, 146-152 from St. Nick to Bway... there is a wealth of opportunity there.

  4. hope they will do the wood fire pizza and draft beers !!! :)
    we can't wait

  5. Replies
    1. Has there been any news about the opening on 151st Street? There's been no activity at this address, and we are well into spring now.