Friday, March 28, 2014


The Times always appears to be the last on the Harlem scene when something extraordinary happens and they finally made it up to Mountain Bird.  What is interesting about reading all of these reviews as of late is that each critic does have a different palate but all do agree on the charm of the space and some of the specialty dishes.  Mountain Bird is located between 7th and 8th Avenue which is still quite shabby in an old-gritty-New-York-City block sort of way but everyone agrees that the eatery's aesthetics makes diners feel like they have stepped into a delightful bistro set up a century ago.

This particular food critic liked the unanimously touted Head to Toe plate and the acclaimed consomm√© but raved more about the phyllo gizzard and heart stuffed roll more than most.  Ostriche Tartare has also been a consistent winner at the tiny 19-seat eatery.  One critic did not like the cassoulet but the Times piece is all raves about this poultry take on the French classic.  We also thought that the brown sauce dishes like the duck or the massive turkey leg was especially good for the more reserved eaters out there but this particular reviewers seems to be more adventuresome: LINK


  1. perhaps never before has NYC seen such a marvelous restaurant with such a bad location:)
    I almost want to pay her rent for a better location - say on 135th and ACP - or 142 and Amsterdam etc - it need not be 114th and FDB - a C class location would be fine - but she's in an F class location now -
    She is, however, proof that good food conquers all.....

    1. In Harlem, today's F will be tomorrows C

    2. Have you been to the neighborhood lately? These days it's full of hipsters.

  2. Exactly.....will this area of Harlem improve?

  3. That area is actually really nice. It is just that one block of 145th street. Gas station and a half burned down block from the big fire last month. I'm sure they got an amazing deal on rent.

    Walk three blocks up to Convent Ave and take a stroll. It is beautiful!

    My only problem with this location is that this amazing restaurant draws people from downtown. That one particular block helps to reenforce the stereotype that Harlem is "ghetto" when in fact it is not.

    On a brighter note: give it ten years and I'm sure that block will be a world apart from where it is today.

  4. I hope it will be faster than 10 years! Let's hope within 5 years, this area, and all of Harlem will be restored