Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Gael Greene of New York Magazine fame has made a trip all the way up to 145th Street to try Harlem's most talked about new restaurant in the food world.  The notable food critic had a few of her unwilling friends take a cab to this north reaches of Harlem and by the middle of the meal at Mountain Bird, they all agreed the eatery was a winner.  This just proves that if all the elements are right for a great restaurant, the business and the critics will come no matter where the location.  Harlem definitely  needs more of these gems that make a statement in the bigger city and not just locally. This is also a big deal for the areas above 135th Street which might be ideal for new startups that can not afford the rents further south.  More of Ms. Greene's review can be read on the critic's blog: LINK

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