Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Our friends up on Sugar Hill have been asking us to drop by Taszo just north of Hamilton Heights' borders at 157th Street for some times now and we were glad that we did.  After having done so, we are happy to announce that this very bespoke spot just west of Broadway (at the back entrance of the 157th Street 1 Station) is one of uptown's great new gems.  Check out the additional photos after the jump and see why the rest of Harlem should pay attention to this new old space.

The use of space here which acknowledges the age of the interior but layers in subtle, modern flourishes is something very European and not really seen much in the city.  Exposed brick walls provide a bit of history and the 20 feet ceilings add a dramatic scale to the interior which is quite special in its balance of old and modern hits.  Vintage floors are updated with a contemporary, striped stain and any formality is broken up further with the mix of mismatched Thonet chairs, marble or aluminum cafe tables.

We also found the usual baked goods from Balthazar at the counter here but there was also a really solid, savory panini offering.  Another nice, new touch to this establishment is that there is communal work table in the back for the laptop crowd which helps separate those visiting for work and those who just want a nice cafe experience.


  1. Great ambience and the owner seemed really nice. They have toys for kids which we loved.

  2. Taszo is fantastic and we are so thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.

  3. Nice spot for those visiting the Jumel Mansion