Friday, April 4, 2014


It has been over a decade since a fire caused by a renter's cigarette burned out 92 Morningside Avenue and the residential building facing Moringside Park has finally had most of its facade restored.  We walked by the building at the north corner of 122nd street and noticed a majority of the scaffolding and netting was in the process of removal.  What has been revealed underneath is a gleaming new red building with brilliant white ornamentations.  This prewar structure is a mirror image of its neighbor and one can see the dramatic difference the cleanup has made.  The only issue here is that the developer could never replicate the cornice that was damaged by another subsequent fire since this intricately ornate feature would cost around $200K to replace if using the exact traditional material.  Anyone who has taken a closer look at the distinct original profile would observe that it is quite heavily embossed and includes hanging wreaths.  We would definitely prefer maybe something less decorative to complete the building's early century beauty if cost is a factor.  Apparently that is in the works: LINK

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