Monday, April 7, 2014


Traffic calming measures have been controversial in the past because it appears folks just think their commute would be slower in an automobile and not because of the unacceptable fact that so many people were getting injured by car accidents.  Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard was considered one of the city's most dangerous streets because it was in the top 10 percent for traffic accidents caused  by speeding and inadequate left turn lanes.  New traffic calming measures which include larger painted pedestrian median, bollards to petition them off, installing dedicated left-turn lanes and also wider parking spaces have all prevent speeding and casualties but now have been proven statically to not slow down traffic.  This all narrows the boulevard in an efficient manner that is safe for drivers and pedestrian but folks are still arguing if this should happen over by Morningside Park.  Those who want to help the cause which is basically part of the Mayor's Vision Zero plan should sign the petition which is at almost 500 signatures: LINK

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