Thursday, August 28, 2014


Comparing the two branches of Ponty Bistro is a good example of how the overall decor of restaurants have transformed in the past 10 years or so.  PB's Gramercy Park establishment shown at the lower photo has too much of the same tonalities, a basic furniture assortment, flooring that is no longer contemporary and very large can-sized inset lighting. This overall look can still be seen at many older restaurants about town and especially in Harlem.

At top is the new branch that just opened on 7th Avenue at the corner of 139th Street which has a look that is more current. Dark wood furniture is accented by bright, white marble and a range of stools and chairs can be seen in the mix. Accents of color such as orange and sage go beyond basic but somehow are neutral in tone at the same time. Floors are wood textured ceramic tile that are staggered instead of applied on a strict grid. Lighting is also a refreshing mix of hanging pendants that accentuates the ceiling heights along with more subtle inset lighting that is smaller in scale and so much more sophisticated. Mixing things up a little is key here and also a balance of new and old aesthetics.


  1. I love the marble look, very french. Harlem kicking butt.

  2. So I think whats going here is that the second restarant has benefitted from the success of the first one. I'm sure that once this Harlem branch becomes successful they will re-do the Grammercy Park site. I've eaten here already and it was superb.

  3. Not pictured here, but I think their restrooms are nicely decorated as we'll and always have nice candles glowing.