Wednesday, August 20, 2014


There was probably a time not so long ago that having anything such as ornamental foliage in front of one's brownstone was a bad idea in Harlem but we are now seeing more homeowners decorate their front plots of land these days.  This is easily done with the larger potted plant varieties that can be purchased during the warm season and placed at the top of a stoop or the area right in front of the garden floor entrance.  We were walking around the Mount Morris Park Historic District yesterday and noticed one such tree in bloom with a brilliant cobalt blue pot which is also an important details.  Clay, terra cotta, or cast iron are the traditional materials for planters and also add a nice decorative touch to the surrounding environment.


  1. Any recommendation for a north-facing entryway that does not get a lot of light (there is also a big sidewalk tree in front)

  2. Boxwoods work great in that situation. Urban garden center (116th and Park) has good prices on these.

  3. Corn plants are good for low lighted areas.