Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The city park's officials announced last month that the landmark fire watchtower at the top of Marcus Garvey Park will be dismantled in the coming weeks and it looks like everything is coming along on schedule.  Walking by the east side of the former Mount Morris Park last week, we noticed that scaffolding had been placed up around the historic bell tower that used to be the main signal for fire departments uptown back in the 1800s.  A plan has been set in place now to store what is left of the structure while replacement parts are being made and eventually rebuild the tower in a couple of years.  Read more about this endeavor in our past post: LINK


  1. Let's just pray is doesn't turn into a "Lenox Lounge" style of disaster where the community is promised one thing but gets nothing!!

  2. While I agree it’s a shame that the Lenox Lounge certainly didn’t turn out the way we had all hoped, it was a private venture with private money and as such had no onus to deliver anything to the community. The watchtower is being paid for by public money and is on public parkland. And it is certainly being made into A Production.