Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Even with over 4,410 signatures in protest against the demolition of the historic Renaissance Ballroom at the corner of 7th Avenue and 138th Street, it appears that plans for demolition are still going ahead as planned.  A Bespoke tip came in over the weekend that a plywood fence has just been constructed on site and research shows that DOB permits have been approved as of last month to proceed with the best way for mechanical demolition as to be reviewed by an engineer.  This is somewhat different from what the developer has revealed to the community board since they had mentioned that there is "no timetable for demolition" as of yet and that they are open to productive conversation on the facade issue: LINK


  1. even if the entire building could not have been kept and re-used, it's a shame that an effort was not made to keep the historical façade. a new building could still have been built inside the original exterior walls. this approach could have been a really architectural gem for harlem.

    a stunning example of this approach is the 'mill city' museum in minneapolis:



    1. What a sad and dark day it will be when this site comes tumbling down! Its sad that its coming down but sadder(?) that the interested parties didn't act more aggressively to keep it intact.

      Also sadder (?) This will play itself out again and again throughout the city.

  2. I was all for tearing this eyesore down, but after seeing the Mill City Museum, I really wish they could do that instead!

  3. It's not an "eyesore," Tyler. It's a charming brick facade that's been badly neglected. If you want an example of an eyesore, look at what they're building where the Lafyette theater used to be.