Friday, March 13, 2015


We have passed by Lolo's Seafood Shack several times since it arrived on 116th just West of FDB but could never find it open until recently.  The major problem was that the new eatery just next door to Harlem Tavern is only open during evening hours starting at 4:00PM and thus we finally made it over one sunny late afternoon this past week.  With that said, out of all of the reviews we have had over the years, the charming but modest new eatery really surprised us in a good way.  Lolo's is basically like a Hawaiian tiki hut but the tropical version that serves up delicious Caribbean seafood in a rustic pastel setting.  Bar seating can be found up front or picnic table dining in the back and there is apparently a backyard outdoor space that will surely be our destination on future summer nights.

Food wise, one can expect ethnic themed fish that is not that common uptown.  Conch Fritters and Fried Shark sandwiches are a few of the notable offerings on the menu but the battered smelt was our choice of the day this time around.  We have only had fried sardines at Japanese restaurants in the past and this whole crispy miniature fish version was quite a deal for quality and portion at $9 which comes with battered garlic fries.  Some of the great beverage selections that caught our eye include coconut water in a coconut shaped container or the coconut soda which is highly recommended.  After finishing up with our dinner, the super friendly staff offered a coconut Long Boy taffy on our way out the door.

As far as the entire experience goes, Lolo's is the type of affordable neighborhood spot with great quality food that we have been waiting for. This shabby shack is like one of the cool hangouts you would find in the East Village in the 90s which were not so pretentious or self aware as the hip restaurants that are popping up downtown or in Brooklyn these days. There are also a lot of great fish fries in Harlem but Lolo's Seafood shack gets a major thumbs up for innovation and a quality concept.

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  1. Lolo's is actually inspired by the Caribbean and not just Jamaica as previously stated in the post.