Thursday, March 12, 2015


A new home store has arrived in Harlem on Manhattan Avenue just north of 116th Street which will be a great fit for all of the designer interiors uptown.  Harlem Heirloom may be tight on space but the warm grey interior accented with embossed wallpaper and white painted brick provides plenty of ideas to help merge early 20th Century aesthetics with modern living.  The studied Victoriana that has been popular for several years with decorators looks a little more refreshing at the updated boutique which shows shoppers how mix the old with the new.

Owners Tyler and Jammie apparently also have a quirky sense of humor mixed in with the serious side which includes locally made goats milk soaps alongside corrugated edge ceramic dinnerware that look like paper plates at first glance.  HH reminds us of the charming boutique stores one used to find further downtown in the West Village before increased rents moved the businesses out of that neighborhood.  This new address for those obsessed with great interiors is definitely on our Bespoke list for some great shopping and will probably end up as one of the best debuts that Harlem will see for 2015.


  1. Both owners Jamie and Tyler are great guys. Both very young but seem to understand interior design well! Stopped in for a sec this past weekend but will def have to shop next time.....

    1. We stopped by yesterday and was a great surprise! Great taste and great value. Can't recall if it was Tyler or Jamie at the store but again nice service. Give your store 5 stars!

  2. Bought their Harlem soap at last weekend's Sugar Hill Market and have found it to be excellent!