Monday, May 18, 2015


The First Annual Crawfish Boil at At The Wallace was a genius success in Hamilton Heights this past weekend.  We dropped by around 2:00PM at the bar by 149th Street on Broadway and noticed that there was a full house and a live band playing inside.  One of the owners mentioned all of the food specials like the jambalaya hotdogs were already finished but there was a couple of servings of the 100 pounds of boiled crawfish left.

We had not had any of the crimson crustaceans in a long time and were glad to have made it on time to have a taste of what was left.  The seasoned stock was kind of like Old Bay but with more of kick and the sweet juices were out of this world. Corn and sausage thrown in also kicked things up a notch in a great way and made us wish we could have had another plate.  For next year's event, we would love to see both Harlem Public and At The Wallace team up for a big block party on this corner of West Harlem which would probably do even better but would require a couple more hundred pounds of freshwater fish.

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