Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We already knew that restauranteur Richie Notar of Nobu fame had the landlord seize Lenox Lounge for missing rent payments since papers had been served at the formerly iconic space 5 months ago but now Eater has a recap.  Notar has announced he is no longer pursuing opening at the location on Lenox but reportedly has a space signed for 125th Street.  We will probably get excited about this news when something actually happens in the future since there has been a lot of press and not much progress on this story.  As far as the former proprietor of Lenox Lounge who destroyed the original goes, it looks like any new startup did not happen also and thus all parties pretty much lost out over the destruction of Harlem's jazz legend: LINK


  1. How sad. I thought, for some reason, the landlord had the original signage and parts of the interior back after a lawsuit. It would be great if somebody with a vision for how to combine old and new (ahem, Keith McNally) could restore this place to its former glory.

  2. This is really sad. That space could be something great again. I suspect that it will happen in the near future, especially with the arrival of Whole Foods directly across the street in the coming months. There will be a lot of foot traffic and someone with a great idea will snag that spot and turn it into something wonderful.

  3. There are dumpsters outside and construction crews working. Looks like the entire small building is being gutted.