Friday, May 8, 2015


Another church deal for real estate appears to be going forward at the corner of 123rd Street and Morningside Avenue but a row of distinct brownstones might also end up being a casualty.  The actual church and corner walkup building next door will definitely be demolished for a new 11-story residential building but scaffolding has now been placed on the side street at the townhouses adjacent to the aforementioned property.  It was unclear if a transfer of air rights would be involved but a full demolition of the neighboring low rise structures seems to be the intent according to one source.  The blue row of cast metal oriel bay windows are striking and truly unique but somehow have not been protected locally as landmarks.  We do not have much more on the story but an article on NIMBY has a few more details: LINK


  1. And this why Harlem needs more historic districts.

    1. this block is on the national registry of historic places. however, because it is not landmarked by NYC, it has no protection whatsoever.

  2. I welcome progress. This is NYC

  3. This very sad, sad travesty tells you who really owns NY! I so regret my liberal arts education. I should have become a Real Estate Broker. I'm too old now but If I had my life to do over I would be a Real Estate Broker, investor or developer with s smattering of IT on the side.

  4. Woah, this is ridiculous. Don't destroy what makes uptown so great. Its history...
    This is ridiculous. Us the air rights from these townhouses to build HIGHER on the church site.

    LPC needs to landmark more now. Get organized people.

  5. Wow. I remember when the NY Chapter of the Black Panthers were in one of those houses in 1970! CASH (Citizens for A Safe Harlem) also occupied one of those buildings. Gone are the days

  6. demolition permit has been issued. if anyone wants to try to save these gorgeous buildings, the time is now...