Thursday, July 30, 2015


Saturday and Sunday, August 1st-2nd, Shake The Dust premier at Maysles Cinema, 343 Lenox Avenue by 127th Street. Can breakdancing save the world? From executive producer and rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones, who also provides original music for the film, we are treated to a fascinating look at how hip-hop is striking a resonant chord in the slums, favelas, and ghettos of the world and is inspiring young people to enact social change. Hip-hop music, and the acrobatic breakdancing culture that arose in tandem with it, started on the streets of The Bronx, but its reach is now worldwide.

Today, “b-boys” and a growing number of “b-girls” hone their gravity-defying breaking techniques in virtually every country on the planet. Shake the Dust by journalist-turned-filmmaker Adam Sjöberg, chronicles the far-reaching influence of breakdancing. Shot in Colombia, Cambodia, Uganda and Yemen, the film shows that while each culture adopts and adapts hip-hop music, blending it with their own traditions, the breakdancing moves act as a universal language.

Following the screening on Saturday, August 1st there will be a Q&A with director Adam Sjöberg.

Following the screening on Sunday, August 2nd there will be a Q&A with director Adam Sjöberg, moderated by Fab Five Freddy.

Tickets for both of this weekends event can be purchased online: LINK

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