Saturday, September 19, 2015


The design scene uptown is rarely a focus in the media and thus we are always excited to see a collection like Karema Deodato featured by none other than Martha Stewart.  Harlem's local milliner has been highlighted in one of the company's search for the best artisan small businesses to be found nationwide and has been selected from the best submissions in the field.  We discovered Karema through the owner of Il Caffe Latte on Sugar Hill who mentioned that a very stylish hat designer always visits the cafe who would be great for the local market.  KD Millinery has since been a part of Sugar Hill Market for over a year now and has a large local following of bespoke shoppers who appreciated custom crafted hats which are hand made in the traditional artisan fashion.  Make sure to check out Karema Deodato at the upcoming Sunday, September 27th SHM in one week and to follow the official market IG account for daily updates: LINK

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