Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A Times article on the arrival of Chick-Fil-A further downtown in Manhattan reminded us of how much we really like our local options so much better.  The reporter who lives in Brooklyn brings up the point that sometimes corporate businesses have nicer staff and hire minorities which contrast drastically to the less than charming service she gets in her own neighborhood at the hipster hot spots.  This is all somehow a saving grace for the judgmental chicken sandwich emporium which got on the wrong side of the marriage equality movement and had take back their stance on the issue because of the backlash.

After reading the piece, we were really glad to be in a neighborhood that is still diverse and serves up some great sandwiches that only have attitude in the taste department without any judgments. Our best pick would have to be the Jerk Chicken offering at Harlem shake on Lenox and 124th Street which wins for overall flavor along with originality.  Red pickled slaw with the crispy chicken seasoned generously with jerk spices are unapologetic in a good way with some heat that makes all others seem bland in comparison.  Harlem Shake also has a staff that is hired from the neighborhood and pleasantly lacking any hipster nonsense or alienating LGBT stances. Read more about Harlem Shake in our past post: LINK


  1. I am salivating over this post and chicken sandwich. Couldn't have said it better myself. Chic-Fi-Lame has no taste, flavor, or acceptance for that matter. I'd much rather visit Harlem Shake, to which they have a fantastic staff.

    Another great thing about Harlem Shake is their delivery range, up in Hamilton Heights we don't always get such service, but I've ordered from HS many times to Hamilton Heights. They are fantastic!

    Harlem Shake > Chic-Fi-Lame

  2. As the owner of Harlem Shake I am humbled and so thankful for this article and the comment that follows. I am glad our neighbors and customers understand what we are all about.