Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The lower photo is that of a typical brownstone bathroom that needs some work but a lot of homeowners just rip everything out and install overly contemporary finishes that look dated quite quickly.  We found a photo via Domino magazine that has a bath with a similar layout which has been made with modern materials but still looks timeless.  Those colored glass subway tiles at Home Depot looked new over a decade ago but are kind of moderate to the trained eye and having spent a lot on funky modern variations do not often translate to a better end product.

Stick with classic, inexpensive white subway tiles on the walls and accent the floor with a contrast color.  Grey hex tiles or even marble does a nice job but the herringbone wood might just be only for those who are most daring since warping could be an issue if not well maintained.  The slightly darker tone on the floor is also a little more forgiving in this high traffic area. Make sure all of the hardware matches also and polished brass or nickel will make things look modern.   Stay away from brushed finishes since this pretty much belongs in a corporate office and not a home.  We would recommend that the fixtures should be a little more classic to fit in line with the history of the home.

Tubs also can be reglazed and a nice black finish on the exterior makes things additionally pop.  If the existing plumbing is too rusted or damaged, get a modern replication that matches the original and steer away from those single handle bath models that look pretty cheap.  Those with extra in the budget might want to add a shower head with exposed pipes to match the bath faucet since many prefer having  the overhead plumbing in addition to the bath.

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  1. we did just that - home depot subway tiles with dark grout, white marble hex floors, hardware was silver and white and simple ikea vanity and mirror. looks great - and very affordable.