Friday, December 11, 2015


A lot of Harlem establishments are gay friendly and have a mixed crowd on any given evening but only one new pub has made it a point to have a specific night for uptown's LGBT community.  Hogshead Tavern at 126 Hamilton Place by 142nd Street was our Best Bar of 2014 pick last year and has since committed every Sunday night from 8:00PM until 2:00AM as being the weekly spot to meet for gay uptowners. Drinks specials along with some great food choices make this the spot to drop by at the end of the weekend.  The scene is more chill than that of Hell's Kitchen and the evening feels more like a true neighborhood mixer.  Those interested should follow the Hogshead Tavern official Facebook site for more updates: LINK

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  1. This is an amazing space, Harlem is taking the lead in such elegance and texture with its dinning establishments. I just heard Solomon & Kuff took the old 9A space. Lots of great things happening on the West side of Harlem and in our beloved HH. That 1 Train and an Uber are going to be very useful. Uptown living.