Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Little Bamboo Sushi (formerly called Vino Sushi during development) will open very soon in the Mount Morris Park Historic District and we have now been able to catch a glimpse of the interior.  Some of the paper covering the windows out front had fallen away this past weekend and everything was in plan sight.  Based on the shoji screens in the windows, we were expecting to see more rustic finishes but interior appears to be on the contemporary side.  More after the jump.
There are some 20 century finishes like tin ceiling and exposed bricks within but everything is updated with industrial furnishings along with a back like shoji design features in one particular quadrant.  The entire concept here apparently will be a fast sushi takeout in the rather large space so we are quite curious to see what will come about when everything is up and running.  As mentioned previously, this new arrival on Lenox is a new venture from the founder of Brother Jimmy's Barbecue: LINK


  1. Excited for this to open. I think it looks pretty sleek.

  2. wow to the interior......

  3. There was a lot of purple and neon going on in this space last night...

  4. Went here last Saturday for a soft opening. They were offering free rolls with purchase of drinks in the dining area.

    Sushi was VERY tasty. Speciality rolls interesting in their make up and were super fresh. Cocktails were strong and well thought out. I hope they keep the bar open on the late night after dinner service is done as it would be a great addition to the bar scene on lower Lenox.

  5. It's a fusion place, not really authentic sushi. We ordered salmon roll and got smoked salmon roll instead. The waitress is nice enough but did not want to admit that salmon roll with smoked salmon was out of the norm. It's an OK place, but if you are a real sushi lover, it is not for you. It's trendy with dark ambiance and full bar with plenty of selections, and the rolls are creative (with cream cheese and smoked salmon and all), but not for people who love sushi for raw fish sake.

    Also only two tables that are no high bar tables, if you are a young family with kids, chances are you will have no comfortable place to sit.