Friday, December 4, 2015


Paintings all around that pay tribute to naturalist John James Audubon have been popping up on storefronts in Harlem this year.  One of Harlem's most famous residents known for remarkable avian illustrations had an estate in the 150s by what is now Riverside Drive but the city failed to preserve the local landmark decades ago.  The notable historic figure is buried in nearby Trinity Cemetery and not much else but honorific street names remain today of the local legend.  Artists in the neighborhood participation in the Audubon Mural Project have been paying tribute to this part of uptown's legacy and it is refreshing to see street art marry together with history.  We took the above photo at a store just off of Broadway in Hamilton Heights yesterday which made us wonder if a museum of sorts could ever be established in the area for such a cultural icon.  More on the story of Audubon's incredible lost estate can be found in our past post:  LINK

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