Wednesday, January 13, 2016


There was a time not too long ago (as in the past year) that a cup of coffee at one of the Starbucks uptown locations was cheaper than the rest of Manhattan with a total cost of just under $2 for a small cup after taxes. We noticed that this is no longer the case recently and that most new coffee shops uptown are charging around $2.50 as the starting point for a cup of java.  Based on this trend, it is refreshing to see that Il Caffe Latte on Lenox or the 145th Street location still has prices under the average.  Small servings are a little less as far as quantity but we often just swing by to get a quick, affordable cup when we are on the go in the neighborhood. The staff in the tie dye shirts are accommodating on any given day with walk-ins and the owner always seems to be conscious of hiring from the neighborhood.


  1. I love the 145th street location. That and the Sugar Hill Cafe are both fantastic w two different attributes.

  2. Love Caffe Latte, a great go to spot, a Harlem pioneer and still beats the competition.

  3. The menu has a lot of variety, the ingredients seem fresh, the wait staff is courteous, the tables are clean, and the prices are reasonable. That is all I ask from a cafe, and Il Caffe Latte gets it right.