Monday, January 4, 2016


After a long holiday and doing some major restaurant reviews in December, we decided to check out some of the healthier options to be found uptown for 2016.  An iPhone app that calculates approximate calories for each ingredient also comes in handy for getting a better idea of calorie count and we put some of uptown's favorites to the health test.

First up was the large kale salad at Harlem Shake on Lenox by the corner of 124th Street.  With a couple of cups of kale, a mayo dressing, chickpeas and toasted crouton, this eatery's option scored pretty high for flavor but had a little more carbs than we are used to.  The freshly toasted croutons were notably warm and this filling, light lunch only ran about 310 calories per serving based on our calculations.  Mayo is not 100 percent vegan so this might not be the right offering for those who want a totally vegetarian meal.  Overall a solid, satisfying presentation for $8 with no frills in a dinner like setting.  More on Harlem Shake's great menu can be found in our past post: LINK

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