Monday, January 11, 2016


Our popular HB series that ranks the top 10 uptown micro-nabes is back for the best neighborhood countdown of 2015.  Harlem is a large part of Manhattan that changes block by block so we have put together a list of the best micro-nabes based on location, architecture, transportation, local amenities along with record closing prices when applicable. This is our own opinion based on reporting on the neighborhood for a few years and a new post will be made each day until the number one spot has been revealed.

No. 2: Lower Frederick Douglass Boulevard Corridor, South Harlem, 8th Avenue between 110th and 124th Street.  This year the Lower FDB corridor rises back to the top 2 position since some major developments have made a big difference to the ever changing neighborhood.  Marcus Samuelsson opened another dining destination at the corner of 116th Street earlier on in the year and lines for lunch and dinner service are often seen on any given day.  An abandoned storefront over at 115th Street now has an impressive eatery called The Row House which dresses up one of the last shabby corners of the neighborhood.  Mess Hall bar debuted next to Double Dutch which adds day-to-night foot traffic on a once empty set of storefronts.  Even a shuttered gas station site over by Central Park on 110th Street now has market rate condos rising which are worthy of the address on Frederick Douglass Circle.  Everything is starting to look a bit like the Upper West Side as for as residential dwelling goes but there is more diversity and less of the mainstream retail that pretty much makes up that other part of town.

This area actually was the most desolate in the bad ol' days and had to be rebuilt since many of the property owners just let their buildings literally fall apart.  Those looking for a valley of condos will probably be happy here but others seeking the iconic brownstone blocks that Harlem is famous for might be a bit disappointed.  Three major subway stops along 110th, 116th and 125th also make the area ideal as far as transportation is concerned.

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