Monday, February 29, 2016


There are not many neighborhoods that are affordable left in Manhattan and a recent article in the Times suggests that East Harlem will be the next hip hood to watch out for.  El Barrio has been written up many times in the past ten years as an alternative for cheaper housing but now might just be the right time for things to happen.  With more new construction happening this year and also better restaurants starting to move into the neighborhood at a quicker pace, things might definitely now start to change.  Everything is pretty much speculative at this point but the feature does point out that coffee shops and a beer garden are some of the anchor tenants that are negotiating for space at the restored Corn Exchange Building on east 125th Street: LINK

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  1. That would be huge for the building and the neighborhood. I like the location and the fact that the metro north passes right by, in actuality it is a very strong location. I really hope this happens for them.