Monday, March 21, 2016


BLVD Bistro on Lenox and 122nd Street is a favorite local destination but we had not been able to drop by again until last week.  This little eatery in the Mount Morris Park Historic has had great reviews for the overall menu so we decided to try something a little different this time around at the contemporary southern spot.  A double cut pork chop plate over black eyed peas caught our eye but was one the higher price points on the menu.  Either the entree would come out in a spectacular fashion or it would be a great disappoint so we reserved judgement until after the meal was served.

The good news here is that BLVD really delivered when it comes to preparing the porcine platter and the portion served could have been right out of the Flintstones.  This gigantic cut of pork was a sight to behold with a crown of sweet caramelized onions over the traditional savory stewed beans. As can be seen by the photo, the chef's perfectly seared the outside of the chop in a way that most have only experienced at top steak houses in the city but was also evidently able to still retain the tenderness of the meat.

With that said, everything was spot on for this order and we would highly recommend anyone with a hearty appetite.  Those omnivorous diners out there who want a little more quantity with the quality of a better dining experience should definitely drop by this little gem in the heart of Harlem. Check out our review on the fried chicken offering at BLVD Bistro in our past post: LINK

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