Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Number 721 St. Nicholas Avenue started up a gut renovation of the entire SRO building back in 2015 and now 4 new condos have debuted within the landmark tower on Sugar Hill at the corner of 146th Street. Each unit has a boutique feel to it and the two-bedrooms go for around $1.3 million in this development called The Barnard.  Modern and classic elements are mixed within for a dramatic affect but we probably would have not chosen the severe overhead lighting above the bath sinks which tend to not be so flattering on the visage.  With that said, such minor details are easily fixed and the location is just a block away from the express train entrance that gets one to midtown in about 12 minutes.  More photos, details and contact information can be found on the broker site: LINK

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  1. Annoying that the realtor calls a building on 146th and St. Nicholas, "Washington Heights."