Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Tampopo Ramen opened up in Washington Heights a year ago and we always wanted to drop by the tiny ramen-ya since it is named after a notable Japanese film from 1985 which basically is an homage to the shops that have only just captivated New Yorkers in the past decade.   The comedy about a women named Tampopo's quest to make perfect ramen at her struggling business is an international classic but has nothing else to do with this new uptown business besides having the same moniker.

The location just west of Broadway between 181st and 182nd Street on Bennett Avenue has only about 20 seats or so which mainly are at the bar but a couple of double tables can be found in the mix.  A half dozen guests were lined up at the door right before noon and the space quickly filled up when doors opened accordingly.  We had a spicy miso ramen with chasu pork, corn, bean sprouts and scallion as the main course which really was a solid rendition of the classic.  This establishment is not Japanese-owned but the attention to the details make it a success and the fried chicken Karaage that we also tried is actually quite outstanding.  There are also rice bowls and soup noodles with chicken option for the porcine adverse so Tampopo is worth the visit for those who happen to find themselves looking for decent Japanese fare north of Harlem.  More details on Yelp: LINK

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