Saturday, January 28, 2017


We received news that Shake Shack has finally made a decision for an uptown location after years of looking around in greater Harlem.  West 116th Street will be the newest address but the storefront will be west of Morningside Park in the Heights

The intersection will be on Broadway which makes the new spot with plans to open this year a part of the Columbia campus. This is kind of ideal for Shake Shack since the 116th Street stop is nearby and folks can come from further uptown to visit while a stream of student traffic will keep it busy.

Some might remember the bland Chinese chain called Ollie's that used to be at this location but a mysterious fired closed things up a couple of years ago.  New work permits are already up for interior demolition so things should get started quite soon.  On side note, an interesting design detail will be reclaimed wood used inside for the tables salvaged from old bowling alleys and the chairs will be made out of sustainable materials.  We will have more details in the coming month as construction progresses further.

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