Friday, January 27, 2017


The famous Charles Pan Fried Chicken had been under construction at another location all summer but now has opened this past week or so.  We were able to drop by the finished storefront by 132nd Street on 8th Avenue which replaces the original spot further north on FDB.  We have not been at the one further north in the past couple of months but this appears to be a relocation.

The new space is pretty straightforward and has about 22 seats within along with large digital menus mounted above the counter in the back.  Charles is still our favorite old school spot and one can still order the chicken by piece or as an entrees special with sides.  We especially like the seasoning which is not overwhelming but has enough flavor to make it a standout.  Crust-wise, Charles has a more humble presentations but nevertheless is crispy and flaky each time out.  This address is closer to 125th Street so hopefully even more business will come about for this Harlem legend in the new year.

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