Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Oso on Amsterdam by 140th Street announced last week that lunch service as just arrived at the Mexican eatery in Hamilton Heights and we had to drop by to check out the new menu.   Doors open from 11:00AM to 4:00PM and getting a spot is quite easy since not many know about the new hours.  We were quickly seated and had the recommended lentil soup which was a surprisingly savory dish topped with tortilla chips, radish slices, salsa and a bit of crema which could be considered vegetarian but one would never make that guess because of the complex flavor profile.  Next up was a dish of stewed tortilla served up breakfast style which we never had before and had to try out for the afternoon.

The big bowl of chilaquiles almost look like a pasta dish but with salsa roja, creme, a sprinkle of cotija cheese and topped with a fried egg which made a perfect brunch type of dish.  Those who are on the adventuresome side should try out this interesting dish but more classic diners can also have some of the excellent tacos that are usually served on the dinner menu. Crafted cocktails are also on hand for the day but we decided just to have the food offerings this time around.  Salads and the torta sandwich will definitely be on our list for the next visit since we really enjoy the quality of the menu at this dining destination that made our best list for 2016: LINK

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  1. If you never had Chilaquiles before, you have been missing out. Looks delicious in the picture.