Thursday, April 26, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  We received quite a few tips mentioning that there is a giant fishbowl at the median in front of the 157th Street subway stop and so took trip up to the edge of the Heights to check it out. Apparently this is a series of public work that is spread out on the Upper West side but has a couple of sculptures position above 110th Street.

Artist Kathy Ruttenberg has made a provocative ode to unrequited love that has even New York pedestrians stopping to marvel at the little mermaid on the block and her magical suitor.  There is also a large shell with a huge hermit crab in the mix which makes the work even more evocative.  With that said, we can not but reminisce about another sea nymph that had a majestic gentleman-in-waiting at St. Nicholas Park several winters ago: LINK 2018

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