Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  Serengeti Tea shuttered on FDB this spring and now Serengeti Kitchen at 22 East 125th Street will be the only location to get the specialty brews but there is also a menu for dinner service.   We were able to sample some of the African inspired dishes on a past visit and really admired the ambitous new space that has a backyard included within.

Those familiar with the former tea parlor will recognize the custom design of the bar but the space also has a couple of more dozen seats or so within the interior space.  A vegan trio of roast zucchini, endives and eggplant really were satisfying and unexpected start of the meal.  One of our favorite dishes of the night also include the guinea hen which was in a rich plum tomato sauce that was spiced like a curry which was presented as a tender boneless braised breast.

We never had Jollof Rice before dining at SK and would now highly recommend the West African dish with a savory tomato flavor base to those trying out the cuisine for the first time.  A complimentary beet carparcio was also a memorable highlight for the evening and was almost like a robust sashimi when sampled with the accompanying sauces.  African beer and the excellent fruit desert round out the evening which had us making a mental note to try out more of the offerings in the coming months.  Check out our past post for additional stories on Serengeti Kitchen: LINK 2018

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