Monday, April 13, 2009

☞ INTRODUCING: Muddy Waters Cafe

Uhm, the name might be a little off for a coffee joint that does not have live jazz but having a new cafe in Harlem is always welcomed. The original Muddy Waters (shown in the above shot) was actually in Prospect Heights Brooklyn and now the owner has moved to Harlem to take advantage of the bargain rents and the current revival of the neighborhood. As Brooklyn becomes more expensive, this course of action for business owners might start to trend in an ever unsure economy. The cafe will open next week on 2185 Adam Clayton Powell in one of the less attractive new buildings so it's yet to be seen if the the cafe will be as cozy as the original. On the plus side, it will have an amazing view of the historic church across the street on 129th. LINK to AMNY article. Photo by Alexandra H.

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  1. Muddy waters is a fun term used by westerners to request that morning or all day beverage, coffee or espresso.
    We love Muddy Waters and know the tremendous, incredible & artistic contribution Mr. Waters made to the BLUES. The art form was born out of a 1948 78rpm release by guitarist, McKinley Morganfield, nicknamed Muddy Waters whilst growing up in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Is is said that the Blues chronicles the struggle of the people of the Mississippi Delta and all popular music borrows from this genre.

    We look forward to serving the Harlem community a cup of muddy water, and hope you will join us as we celebrate our grand opening in September.

    Please direct any inquiry to
    45 Wall Street SUITE 504
    New York, NY 10005