Thursday, July 30, 2009

☞ INTRODUCING: Frizzante Italian Bistro

The French doors have been up and painted for awhile on the southeast corner of 117th Street and FDB/8th Avenue, but it wasn't until the past week that the awning has gone up to announce the future arrival of Frizzante Italian Bistro and Bar. It looks like the finishing touches are being added, so watch for an opening announcement next month. This will be the third major restaurant to arrive in Harlem within the past four weeks, so things are shaping up nicely. Take the B,C to 116th Street to get this corner of South Harlem.


  1. So, what is going on with that restaurant? anyone knows?

  2. The first time I came to Frizzante, I didn't really know what to expect. It was so so, but because it was a new restaurant, I thought I should give it another try. This time was completely awful!!!

    The atmosphere is very dead. The owner and his friends like to sit in the back of restaurant and look at the patrons from their "VIP" view. Frizzante has a non-friendly environment which is oddly contrary to typical Italian establishments.

    It actually seems as though this place exists as a front for something else. Frizzante isn't concerned about creating delicious cuisine or making the patrons feel welcome. It's a very strange place.

    Food: Below average
    Service: Average
    Atmosphere: Unfriendly
    No liquor license :(
    Owner / Manager (little Italian guy): Very unfriendly, possibly moody, maybe bi-polar. Your guess is as good as mine. Buona fortuna!!

  3. I really disagree with that review. I go there quite frequently and really really like it. first of all their prices can not be beat. The food is consistently good, which is important. I would recommend the Meat Lasagna, the Lamb ragu and the Spaghetti alla Norma.

    They now have their liquor license and a good selection. I again have to disagree about the owner not being nice. He always comes over and chats with us.

    I think this place is one of the best things that happened to this neighborhood, take my advice and go eat there, you wont be disappointed.

  4. I agree with the prior poster. I've eaten there a few times and recommend that the first reviewer give it another try, because I think it may have gotten off to a slow start. (I concede that in one of our early visits, they were not so friendly, which I attributed to our being there with kids (who are not perfectly behaved), and the food was hit or miss.) In more recent visits, they've been quite friendly and accommodating -- including to our "bambinis", for whom we always order something not on the menu (linguine aglio e olio, which has been excellent every time) -- and the food has been uniformly delicious, especially for the VERY low pricepoint. We think it's a fabulous addition to the neighborhood, and we hope the other people who were packing the place tonight agree.


    I recently moved to the area and wanted to try out the local restaurants only to have the misfortune to wander into THIS place.
    In short: terrible overpriced food (even the bread was terrible), rude and smelly waitstaff (not trying to be mean, but deodorant really is cheap.....) and HORRIBLE MUSIC - PLEASE CHANGE THE MUSIC.

    It was great for a laugh but not much else..... discovered afterwards that these are the same owners of the failed downtown pizzeria "Pinocchio's" (see reviews here on Yelp) and when I found that out I was not surprised.

    Avoid at all costs. Seriously.