Wednesday, November 25, 2009

☞ REVIVE: Dinosaur BBQ Taking Over New Space

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has been planning their big move since last year and it seems crunch time is at hand. The original plan was to move a block south on 12th Avenue at 125th Street by this fall. The current restaurant is technically on 131st Street and 12th Avenue but since 125th severely slices diagonally along the grid towards the Hudson, the new location is only about a block south from the restaurants original plot. The goal is to have the old warehouse on 125th Street fully renovated and to shut down the original operation the night before they switch to the new space.

When we walked by yesterday, the equipment was being moved in throughout the morning and a couple of Verizon trucks (at left of lower photo) had been parked out front. From the peek that we got of the interior, they still have quite a ways to go. If they speed along, maybe a mid-December opening is more realistic. On a positive note, this very popular Manhattanville eatery was successful in dealing with Columbia to move their business and basically stay in the same area. Some people don't get it, but the place is a roadhouse bar-b-que and the entire point was to have have it in an old school industrial looking area. Therefore, congrats to all parties for working it out. Dinosaur is currently located on 646 W 131st St. tel: 212-694-1777. Take the 1 train to 125th Street and head West towards the viaduct. See the original post on Dinosaur: LINK. Photos by Ulysses


  1. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and asked about the impending move. They said late December or early next year. I am counting on next year if we are working on Harlem time.

  2. Very cute, Dee. Just wishful thinking on our part. It seems things are happening sooner than later for this part of Harlem.