Wednesday, November 11, 2009

☞ DRINK: Madison Cigar and Lounge

The debut of Madison Cigar and Lounge will happen this weekend, November 14th at 1825 Madison Avenue, between 118th and 119th Street, on the western-most border of East Harlem. This location, which is very close to the Mount Morris Park Historic District, was the former space of the Renaissance Cigar Emporium (lower photo), which shuttered earlier this year. Thanks to a fresh group of savvy business owners setting up shop in this familiar destination, Harlem cigar aficionados who missed out on the trend the first time around can now have their cigar and smoke it too. The new cigar lounge will boast grand leather couches and tailored humidor houses with over 100 different brands imported from various regions with a focus on Spanish tobacco blends from Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Miami. For more information, call them by telephone: 212.828.1MCL. Take the 2,3 express train or the local 6 train to 116th Street and check out the new space this weekend.


  1. Good to see more business coming to this part of Madison Ave. especially after the loss of the Harlem Tea Room, I hope they do well. This strip of retail is a bad block, not bad in terms of crime but in terms of no foot traffic, for some reason this stretch is very quiet, maybe just one of those blocks that does not attract Harlemites on foot. Hopefully with more retail the masses will come. Good luck to MCL.

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  3. The debut of Madison will be great the atmosphere is very nice as
    all cigarette lovers gather to test all cigarettes