Tuesday, May 25, 2010

☞ WALK: 272-278 Manhattan Avenue

The blocked-up prewar elevator building off of Manhattan Avenue, between 111th and 112th Street always had us wondering what was going on? The prewar apartments, which is apparently owned by HPD, is not boarded up at the lower level but the top section has cinder blocks sealing them off. It's quite a large building with lovely details and the location faces Morningside Park. So why hasn't it been renovated or sold? Anyone out there know the history ? The closest subway to this location is the B,C at 110th Street. Photo by Ulysses


  1. I have passed this building on my way to mid-town many times and it always prompts me to look out the bus window at it for signs of Life. I have never seen anyone going in or out but at night some lights are on in the lower floors and there are some plants flourishing in a window. Makes one wonder.

  2. Just last week I saw lights on in one apartment that is in the back facing 111th St. - I remarked to my companion how creepy it would be to live in that huge building all alone.

  3. I've always found the status quo here to be particularly unfortunate given the obvious potential of the location and structure.

  4. This building is still partially occupied by legal residents and also some squatters. There have been several fires there due to the squatters and drug use.
    Somehow, they are always filming in this building. I personally have seen filmmakers with video and camera equipment in the building on more than a few occasions.
    The building is supposed to be renovated and the ORIGINAL residents will return.

    1. No renovations yet. I just passed the building on the bus and it looks exactly as it does in the photograph.