Monday, June 21, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: 1635 Lexington Avenue

The large, fenced-in lot at 1635 Lexington Avenue (at 103rd Street) in East Harlem has been looking a little hopeless until now. Back in 2008, a work permit was filed for a new building to go up and some older structures were quickly demolished. Since then, not much has been going on and the site was looking rather desperate (top photo) for the past couple of years. Last week, the construction crews moved in and the there was a lot of drilling and foundation work starting up on this corner once more. This micro-nabe of El Barrio is right off of the Lexington 103rd Street stop and many of the better new restaurants surround this hub, so it would make a lot of sense to get this project going again. Recent DOB paperwork has the new residential building at 8 stories, 42 units total with one community space. Does anyone know what this development will be called? Photos by Ulysses


  1. The project is called 'Glass Spire'

  2. The building will be called Lexington Hill Condominiums. Mostly 2 bedrooms with 2 full baths. Should be complete in the fall of 2011. There will be a new supermarket on the ground floor.