Tuesday, August 31, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The Parc Standard Update

UPDATE: STREETEASY HAS 15 CLOSINGS LISTED BUT ONE OF THEM APPEARS TO BE THE ENTIRE BUILDING SUMMARY. When the 25 contracts were revealed for the Parc Standard in South Harlem ( at 2101 FDB/8th Avenue, between 113th and 114th Street) this past July, many were skeptical that they would indeed go through. Out of the new building's 28 units, the majority went into contract very quickly and Streeteasy now shows that 14 of those units have closed: LINK. Out of the sold condos, it appear that prices were reduced 3%-7% and the average selling price per square foot was in the mid $600-$700 range. Read the numerous comments that readers had on the subject of why these condos are selling (or not) in our past post and get more details: LINK. *Also, a reminder that User Names are a must if comments are to stay permanent to current threads.


  1. I was chatting with a lady who lives in the building and apparently they are close to selling out all but one of the apartments. Initially I wasn't all that keen on the exterior, but I pass it every day and it has definitely grown on me.

  2. Chris, I had assumed I was the only person who actually liked the appearance -- I'm a fan of gray, and of understated, modern design.

    Based on the closing data, it would appear there are more than a few folks who are at least okay with it...

  3. Definitely CBR. There are a couple of places along FDB and the one on 123rd that have grown on me. 123rd especially (bet. ACP & Lenox) is becoming a really diverse block in terms of architecture.