Friday, August 27, 2010

☞ READ: Bakeries Proceeding Under La Marqueta

Curbed just reported that the proposed shared bakery facilities under East Harlem's La Marqueta are still happening: LINK. Right now, this is the EDC plan to revitalize the majority empty stalls in the only building that is up and running along the Park Avenue tracks at 115th Street. There are few vendors up front in this space but the back end apparently is empty. This plan may be contradictory to the new La Marqueta Mile proposal since the bakeries are only for production and will interrupt the continuous, open air retail row that has been recently proposed for the length of 111th to 133rd Street: LINK. We reported on the bakery facility currently established on the eastside of La Marqueta this week and this is separate from the EDC plan to revive the tracks. The city's Economic Development Corporation basically owns La Marqueta so they will have the final say in the matter.


  1. Yes, to be clear, the "Marqueta Mile" proposal was developed by the Harlem CDC, and the NYCEDC will have the final say on what is ultimately done there. From what I can tell, NYCEDC hasn't given any indication as to whether they are embracing the larger proposal in some form.

    Here some more info on the NYCEDC kitchen project:

  2. It's probably also worth noting that the Harlem CDC is actually a subsidiary of the Empire State EDC -- meaning it's attached to the Governor's office.

    I found this somewhat surprising, and it may increase the potential for political cleavage between the administration in Albany and the city government (NYCEDC is pretty firmly ensconced with the Mayor's office here).

    No particular reason to believe that is the case here, but it seems possible at least that a proposal by a state agency associated with an unpopular governor may not be warmly embraced by NYCEDC -- especially if they have their own ideas about what to do with the space.