Tuesday, November 30, 2010

☞ SLEEP: Aloft Harlem Opening Delayed Again?

The December 2nd debut date for Aloft Harlem at 124th Street and FDB/8th Avenue is just a couple of days away but now the hotel's website has removed that announcement.  We've seen this happen a dozen times before so this highly anticipated opening may be once more delayed.  Check out the Aloft Harlem site for details: LINK


  1. Welll, by playing with the reservation function on the web site linked above, the earliest check-in date that it appears to allow is December 9.

    The site also appears to be running a "grand opening" promotion.

    Has anyone checked it out physically of late? Is the bar open?

  2. I just got off the phone with the front desk 212-749-4000.
    They will start receiving guests as of this Thurday the 2nd!!!

  3. Great..so it is opening then? I passed by last night and it looked in tip top condition. All that remains is to tidy up the outside, remove all the fencing etc. Just hope they get a decent tenant for the corner retail.

  4. Well, per H.C., it would seem the answer to Ulysses' original question is, "no."

    But we shall see soon enough...

  5. I also wonder if the people at the Hyatt are watching this with a keen eye? Sold out rooms at Aloft combined with tremendous press could well be the shove needed to get that Hyatt project moving.

    Another little article about the Aloft:


  6. Apparently this is a soft opening with no reservations until December 9th.