Friday, December 10, 2010

☞ DRINK: New Uptown Juice Bar Progress

The construction at 14 East 125th Street has picked up since it start a couple of months back and the new Uptown Juice Bar looks like it's coming along nicely (center photo).  We were never quite sure about going into the original location at 54 West 125th Street (last photo) since it was in a derelict warehouse just east of Lenox Avenue and the facade was in sad shape.  This new location on the other hand looks like a more inviting destination since they apparently are taking full advantage of the ceiling heights of the original store space and the building that the organic joint will open in is ones of the more charming one left at this section of 125th Street. This area of East 125th Street also seems less traveled  and the new eatery will add a little more foot traffic to the thoroughfare.


  1. Already like the look of this. Nice, clean facade. The old place looked a bit ropey. Great to see 125th coming along with fresh, new retail!

  2. So are the guys moving or adding a second location?

    From what I've heard they may need more than just a change in venue. They already got closed down by the Health Department once.

  3. I'm excited to not have to awkwardly squeeze by people, just to get at the end of the line to order!