Monday, January 31, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Another one down at Manhattanville

One of the larger Manhattanville warehouse structures close to 12th Avenue and 125th Street is quickly going down and a surprising view might be in store for the area by summertime.  We noticed that the last of the big remaining buildings in the first half of the new Columbia University Manhatanville campus demolition site had some major scaffolding up in August and the Tuck-It Away building next door was left alone at that point (top photo).  As the taller structure gets chipped away at, some dramatic views are starting to form looking towards the Hudson at far West 125th Street.  In the last photo, one can see that the full length of the Manhatanville Viaduct is  starting to appear at the horizon towards the West Harlem Piers (click to enlarge) and more will surely be revealed as demolition progresses to the neighboring builidng.  This open vista of the landmark viaduct probably has not been seen for  over 100 years when the burgeoning industrial area had mostly lower level structures on site and the architectural marvel of the day was brand new.


  1. Uly - thanks for the update.

    With this new view opening up, it's worth noting that the remaining structure (on the corner) is one of the properties for which the potential use of eminent domain was contested in court.

    Now that the legal maneuvering has been exhausted (with the Supreme Court declining to hear the appeal), does anyone know if the ESDC has actually pulled the trigger on the eminent domain process?

  2. Does anyone know what will become of Fairway and the Tuck-it-Away building? And what of Dinosaur Barbecue and the Cotton Club? I ask because of late I've been in Fairway and there's an uneasy feeling about the store.

  3. Dinosaur has already moved and will now stay put. Cotton Club and Fairway are outside of the expansion footprint. Nothing is happening to them.

  4. Greg, what sort of uneasy feeling were you getting? As UptownGirl pointed out, Fairway -- along with the newly relocated Dinosaur and the various restaurants to the north -- are outside the campus and in fact stand to benefit greatly in the future from the redevelopment of the area.

  5. As for the Tuck-It-Away building, that was the subject of my first comment above. It is one of the 2-3 holdout properties that remained under the legal challenge to ESDC.

    What will become of it is clear -- it will be demolished and incorporated into the new campus footprint. What I'm wondering is whether anyone knows if the eminent domain / seizure process has actually taken place as yet.