Thursday, February 3, 2011

☞ SHOP: Crowds Greeted at a New La Marqueta

The dreary weather yesterday didn't stop the crowds and more than a few press members to descend on the newly revamped La Marqueta at Park Avenue and 115th. Officially starting at 4:00 PM, the Open House didn't really pick up until around 4:30 PM and the above photos show some of the action that was happening at East Harlem's historic market beneath the train underpass.  There are a few great local farmers on hand, SpaHa Cafe, Urban Garden Center, regional wines and great old timers such as the salted fish vendor in the renovated market place that really shown its potential last night.  Here's a real chance to have a solid indoor market uptown so everyone should make it out to this one and help support the local businesses.  La Marqueta is open for most of the week except for Friday & Sunday so make a point to drop by and see what the excitement is about.  We will have more photos up on our Facebook site this afternoon: LINK


  1. Awesome turnout and wonderful to see so much local support. Hopefully some of the vendors will feature at the Mount Morris Park farmers market in the summer.

  2. This is outstanding! La Marqueta is a truly unique shopping experience, a year-round farmers market-type atmosphere and a throwback to the previous generation. I have to give the city credit for a well-executed plan (thus far) to revive this space. I was skeptical at first, but the momentum looks real and sustainable. I plan to frequent this market.

  3. Haven't made it there yet but I definitely will.
    Does anyone else think that it is a poor idea to not have it open on sunday?

  4. I went with my wife for the first time and then took my dad to see it. The guys at the floral shop were very friendly ( called Urban flowers or something to that extent).

    Picked up hot apple cider, which was delicious, at orchard breeze, I think, and some cranberry filled cookies. It was a very cold day, but the temp inside La Marqueta was comfortable. You could hear the train as it was passing by overhead. Amazing experience.

  5. This is so exciting. I remember passing by it years ago and was so sad the place was not in use, especially after I came home and researched its incredibly rich cultural history. It is soooo awesome to see it back to life!

    Can not wait to stop by and check it out.