Friday, March 11, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: 273 West 122nd Glassed

One of the notable stalled, smaller condos just east of FDB/8th Avenue on 122nd Street has apparently made another milestone with the glass finally going up on the windows (lower photo).  Balconies finaly appeared last year around May but nothing much seemed to happen since then.  With the windows now in, maybe this new construction on a former brownstone lot will be finally finished for 2011.  What's interesting here is that the layouts between these two buildings are basically the same proportions but one appears to have more expensive modern finishes to it.  We like the idea of a classic brick townhouse condo but adding a cornice at top and just a slightly more decorative balcony (preferably a Juliette balcony) goes a long way in dressing up a basic structure.

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