Thursday, April 28, 2011

☞ READ: Harlem Going to the Dogs?

A DNAinfo article posted yesterday has Harlem literally going to the dogs these days. The story here is that the new neighborhood pooches are of the pampered sort and one local pet shop even started to stock up on organic pet food.  Folks have apparently been attracted to the areas by Harlem green spaces such as Marcus Garvey Park and Morningside Park for the convenience of the established dog runs. There is even pet grooming service that just started up at the aforementioned Posh Paws boutique on FDB and 114th Street for those who are interested: LINK.  Check out the gallery of Harlem pet owners at DNAinfo: LINK.  Photos by Ben Fractenberg


  1. Yes it's going to the dogs alright! The owners don't pick up after their dogs. Walking down one block the other day, I had to zig zag around the poop. Their dogs urinate on everything. This hot summer it is going to be a smelly and stinky one.

  2. Exactly. There is a dog poop explosion. As a dog owner I am upset with these people
    We need signs pointing out that they are taking their dog poop home as they and their dogs step in it

  3. I Agree with you both ! Here in Paris their is an effort to fine folks who do not pick up after their dogs. I Love Dogs ! Just lost my French Bulldog (still in mourning ) But walking around seeing dog mess on the streets is not cute. And When I was in NYC last January, seeing FROZEN crap in the piles of snow was REALLY not cute !

    Come on only takes a minute. Here , there are disposable bag dispensers in the parks.

  4. The issue is the attitude of the folks that it's natural blah, blah. Pick up after your frigging dog people FFS.