Thursday, May 5, 2011

☞ BESPOKE: Signage Arrives at 5 & Diamond

Just some plain old fashion signage out front of a shop really makes a place look a little more dressed up as 5 & Diamond has shown lately. The FDB corridor's star restaurant had some great windows for the facade but many probably just walked by not knowing what the place was about.  In the past week or so, a new hanging sign has appeared on the side of the building and some old school gilt lettering has now added bit of light against the black frame of the facade. This shop treatment is definitely what's going on downtown and in Brooklyn so its great to see some of it arriving in Harlem.  The other gold signage that has arrived recently can be found at the Red Rooster: LINK.  We also had post up about the Sugar Hill company in Harlem that does the gold lettering work for some of the better establishments in the city: LINK


  1. "No, not just your average 5 & Diamond. 'The' 5 and Diamond..."

    At least they're not spelling out Five -- that would really start to confuse people.

  2. Nice signage, makes a difference.

  3. Agreed Westsider, stores with signage do project a much more stable image.